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Costume Designer, Maker, Stylist, & Wardrobe Supervisor

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Since gaining my Advanced Diploma in Costume Design at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, I have worked as a Costume Designer, Maker, Stylist, and Wardrobe Supervisor, in Television, Theatre, Opera, Film and Photography.

Managing budgets and artists both large and small (not only the deadlines were tight!).

I have made a giant chicken costume in Western Australia (and one in Teddington Studios), and football shirts for a Llama and a Goose.

In the line of duty I have dressed a Pharaoh in Cairo, the Dalai Lama in Acton, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Popes and have dealt with some unmentionable stains (removal and application.)

… And worked on period costumes to ‘dye’ for.

I’ve dressed young folk in old clothes and old ones in new ones, and covered all of the Emergency Services. Other occupational attire includes everything from Royal Mail Postie to Flesh Remover.

My art projects include random machine embroideries, sculpture with found objects, and I have devised a costume project to raise awareness of Attachment Disorders.

For latest CV, please visit my LinkedIn page and for my artwork please visit my Saatchi Art page.


Costume Design

Imaginative interpretation of scripts and screenplays via knowledge of fabrics, historical and modern costume, and backed up with solid research. Collaborating across the creative team, including Writers, Directors, Artists, Art Department, and Make-up to pull together effective solutions.

Not losing the plot.

Costume Making

On location in Australia, I was instructed to sew a garment “rough as guts”. I did. Observing that time was short and the item would be barely seen in the background. Whether it be an HD film or viewed on TV from behind the sofa, I can adapt the cut, stitch and decoration to suit. I’ve made hats, masks and costume props, and use distressing techniques* to age and dirty down.

*Some of them really are.


Creating illusions using available resources, working closely with clients, and the camera. Knowing where to get hold of odd things at strange times and the ability to make what can’t be found….or find what can’t be made: I was once chauffeur driven to Harrods to source a bunch of carrots with fronds!

It’s all in the detail.

Wardrobe Supervision

Script analysis, to costume delivery, including costume changes. Buying, hiring, and calling in favours ready in time to tweak every detail, within budget and the artist’s comfort zone. Briefs taken seriously.

Six years at art school and it all boils down to comedy underpants.


““A sharp eye for detail, a real flair for style and a indefatigable ability to make very lovely silk purses out of a variety of unpromising appendages” – Penny Gold, Producer, Leda Serene Films”

““The costumes looked fabulous and I know it must have taken many hours of hard work to make them… the designs were very original… the blood coming up Lady Macbeth’s dress was an inspiration” – Jacqui Doughty, BBC”

““Thank you for all your amazingly hard and impressive work on The Frank Skinner Show… it is really a pleasure to work with some who is not only efficient but also relentlessly cheerful” – Chris Miles, Production Manager, Avalon Television”

““I have worked with Karen Hobbs over the years, she is a fantastically creative costume designer, a very talented lady and a joy to work with and I would not hesitate working with her again.” – Jenny Leeper, Head of Production, Running Bare Pictures Ltd.”


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