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It’s been a Pharaoh while…*

Posted on 01 Dec 2015 in Celebrity Ironing Spot, Recent Work | 0 comments

Since the last blog, due to a stack of contracts, I was unable to put digit to keyboard. Having dealt with the serious business of the comic side of the general election this Spring, Summer saw a surge of sartorial silliness in the form of creating costumes for a six part television comedy. Wardrobe skills were at a premium as the small team, i.e. my assistant and I, searched, sourced, sewed, shopped and shot our way through the Summer. Negotiating nudity, drag queens, and cocktail dresses tumbling into horse manure were just in the first week! 100+ costumes later, I then reverted to the sensible task of period accuracy, for […]

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Rory Bremner’s Election Report 2015

Posted on 13 May 2015 in Recent Work | 0 comments

Following a very swift re-write after the surprise election results, the entire production team rose to the challenge and reworked the programme that airs tonight at 10pm on BBC2. Anticipating a hung parliament, the information began to trickle in last week and, as is typical on a topical show with a fast turnaround and no time for costume fittings, it was a case of balancing last minute cast measurements with the demands of the ever changing script. Fortunately, with the combination of familiar faces and my stock of wardrobe accoutrements, all went well and everyone was fully clothed.

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It’s Moorish – Production Shopping in Seville

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 in Production Shopping | 0 comments

In the Spanish region of Andalusia, Seville, I have discovered a delightfully esoteric location for production shopping. Arriving at the centre of the city, a mere 7km from the airport, my costume radar went into overdrive before I had even the first whaft of tapas. As the rain stayed mainly on my umbrella, the scent of orange blossom, glimpses of extraordinary architecture and the sheer…um…Spanishness drew me in. Following my nose through the labyrinth of pedestrianised streets in the Barrio de Santa Cruz area, I found, in addition to the familiar global brands around Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes, a great number of independent stores both traditional and endearingly quaint, […]

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Posted on 04 Dec 2014 in Art Work, Attachment Costume Project | 0 comments

I was thrilled that this photo was Tweeted from the recent art exhibition held at Family Futures in London UK. Curated by the excellent Open Nest Charity, who are campaigning for increased post adoption support, it featured work from adopters, adoptees and those around them moved to express the profound issues surrounding this topic. I had  donated this piece from my costume project to raise awareness of Attachment Disorder.   The figure is suspended by a single thread and drifts earily in the wake of passers by. The mask catches the movement and swings independently. I love that the child sitting on the floor is scrutinising the figure in front […]

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Time for some fun folks

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 in Celebrity Ironing Spot | 0 comments

As a reward for tuning in to the Attachment Costume Project, here is the latest Celebrity Ironing Spot….an exclusive from Elstree….Dot Cotton and Phil Mitchell as portrayed by Sweat the Small Stuff’s Nick Grimshaw and Melvin Odoom.                           Catch it on BBC 3, Wednesdays, and BBC iplayer.

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Sunday’s Child – Neglect Bootees, Aged12

Posted on 09 Nov 2014 in Attachment Costume Project | 0 comments

Number seven in the Adoption Week 2014 Series exploring Attachment Disorder by way of costume. I made these following an inspiring workshop on Play Therapy. I had learned that it is never too late to give a disturbed young person back their childhood by allowing them to regress to their baby days. Important bonding can occur when they are allowed to be treated as a much younger child. The rocking motion that comes naturally to most parents is an important mechanism for physically connecting the neurons in a baby’s brain. Without this the child can become hard wired into an emotional void. The child can grow up simply unable to […]

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