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Happy Birthday Ma’am

Posted on 10 Jun 2016 in Celebrity Ironing Spot | 0 comments

I have certainly dressed a few Queens in my time. From historic and foreign royalty, to our very own QE2, here, on the occasion of her second of her many, official and unofficial 90th Birthday Celebrations, Costumechanges brings you my favourites…          

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It’s been a Pharaoh while…*

Posted on 01 Dec 2015 in Celebrity Ironing Spot, Recent Work | 0 comments

Since the last blog, due to a stack of contracts, I was unable to put digit to keyboard. Having dealt with the serious business of the comic side of the general election this Spring, Summer saw a surge of sartorial silliness in the form of creating costumes for a six part television comedy. Wardrobe skills were at a premium as the small team, i.e. my assistant and I, searched, sourced, sewed, shopped and shot our way through the Summer. Negotiating nudity, drag queens, and cocktail dresses tumbling into horse manure were just in the first week! 100+ costumes later, I then reverted to the sensible task of period accuracy, for […]

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Time for some fun folks

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 in Celebrity Ironing Spot | 0 comments

As a reward for tuning in to the Attachment Costume Project, here is the latest Celebrity Ironing Spot….an exclusive from Elstree….Dot Cotton and Phil Mitchell as portrayed by Sweat the Small Stuff’s Nick Grimshaw and Melvin Odoom.                           Catch it on BBC 3, Wednesdays, and BBC iplayer.

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