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Wednesday’s Child – We Have Contact (See You In A Jiffy)

Posted on 05 Nov 2014 in Attachment Costume Project, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Number three in the Adoption Week Series of exploring Attachment Disorder by way of Costume. The use of bubble wrap and packaging was employed here to create armour against the effects of contact with elements of the past. Found objects such as oven gloves and a fencing helmet illustrate the incredible resourcefulness needed to navigate this complex issue. Contact between Birth Families and children adopted or in care can be a minefield. Open adoption is encouraged, but all too often, the reality is not enough support for all parties. Visits or letterbox contact can be sporadic at best or badly managed, allowing disclosure of the child’s whereabouts which could put […]

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Tuesday’s Child – I Scream

Posted on 04 Nov 2014 in Attachment Costume Project, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Number two in the Adoption Week Series of exploring Attachment Disorder by way of costume…   This is an embroidery on fabric transfer inspired by the sabotage that can occur when things are going well. A child that has spent their early years in a state of chaos and uncertainty simply cannot trust that things can go well, and can sabotage events in order to prove this. The dress is divided into two parts to illustrate the Psychological Splitting that works as a defence mechanism. One side is a pristine linen smock, and the other dirty, with a teardrop collar and exaggerated pockets to facilitate the hoarding that can feature […]

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It’s Adoption Week…Art Imitating Life.

Posted on 03 Nov 2014 in Attachment Costume Project, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Time to finally explain the Attachment Costume Project… The whole thing started some years ago, with the rescue from my local car boot sale of a small child display mannequin. I was naturally drawn to this shop window dummy that was propped up for sale, broken and pathetic, with the extraordinary expression of grumpiness. Even as I carried her home, her limbs twisted and fell off in the street . As an adopter, I was already on a voyage of discovery of the result of trauma and neglect in childhood.  As a Costume Designer, this was a perfect vehicle to explain the effects. Having read a great deal on the subject of […]

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Inside Holloway – C5. 10pm. Thursday 23rd October.

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After years of working in comedy, the business of Costume has recently taken a serious turn for me. At one point during filming the drama reconstructions for this documentary about the notorious women’s prison, I found myself banged up in a cell with a man dressed as a woman impersonating a man. Later, in the same cell, we staged  the reconstruction of force feeding that took place when Suffragette prisoners went on hunger strike, and this was followed by a number of hanging scenes!     Documentary drama reconstructions are an excellent opportunity to use costume skills, often dipping in to different periods to indicate the chronology of the topic. […]

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Depechez vous vite to the  breathtaking Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican in London. Since I was a fashion student way back, he has been a personal source of influence and delight with his beautiful, imaginative, clever and above all humorous creations. The staging is excellent. Garments are displayed for viewing at close quarters, and I spent a great deal of my visit scrutinising the cut and detail. It was a nice touch to have some background information on Gaultier’s rise to stardom, especially some early photographs of himself and  his grandmother, who was a great inspiration in his life. His childhood teddy bear with a prototype conical bra […]

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