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Posted on 04 Dec 2014 in Art Work, Attachment Costume Project | 0 comments

I was thrilled that this photo was Tweeted from the recent art exhibition held at Family Futures in London UK. Curated by the excellent Open Nest Charity, who are campaigning for increased post adoption support, it featured work from adopters, adoptees and those around them moved to express the profound issues surrounding this topic.

I had  donated this piece from my costume project to raise awareness of Attachment Disorder.


The figure is suspended by a single thread and drifts earily in the wake of passers by. The mask catches the movement and swings independently. I love that the child sitting on the floor is scrutinising the figure in front of him, as if in conversation. It is most rewarding for an artist to know that they have provoked a reaction, and the missing sock conjures a notion that perhaps there is a spark of recognition there.

Severance                                                                            Many thanks to the unknown photographer.

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